1. To serve all the members of the community by assembling and managing a collection of books and other materials, which will promote education, provide entertainment, stimulate communication of ideas, and enrich the lives of those served.
2. To serve the AUW community as a center of reliable information, providing assistance to those gathering materials and facts within the library and referring individuals and organizations to other resources when necessary.
3. To provide digital and physical environments that advance research and education.
4. To teach members of the AUW community to the effective users and producers of information to meet their current academic needs and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and of responsible leadership.
5. To attempt to identify community needs, to provide materials, programs and technologies to meet those needs and to cooperate with other agencies and organizations, which serve the community as a whole.
6. To develop a culture of continuous improvement through ongoing assessment of Library activities and programs.
7. To improve collections to meet the immediate needs of the community and to provide a solid foundation for future development.

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