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DVD Title Vikings season 3: Disc 1 & 2
Source Georgia Guldon, Sara N. Amin &Christian Girard
KeyWord "Starring: Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick Directed by : Ken Girotti Released Year:February 19, 2015 Run Time: 46 minutes "
Short Description Having defeated Princess Kwenthrith's uncle Brithwulf, the King of Mercia, in battle, Ragnar and his forces now concentrate on defeating her brother, Burgred. No battle is required however as Burgreds army runs off in fear. In Wessex, King Ecbert has taken a strong liking to Lagertha as she and Athelstan work to establish their settlement. At Ebberts castle, Lady Judith asks Athelstan to tell them of the vikings pagan ways. In Kattegat Aslaug, Helga and Siggy realize they have all dreamed the same dream. In Hedeby, Kalf proclaims himself Earl.

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