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DVD Title The Secret lLife of Geisha
KeyWord Starring: Susan Sarandon, Directed by: Anthony Geffen, Clive Maltby Runtime: 100 minutes Release year: November 29, 2005
Short Description Exotic, sensuous, exquisitely mysterious. For centuries, the seductive grace of the Japanese Geisha has fascinated and confounded outsiders who attempt to fathom this secretive world of tradition, intrigue, and pleasure. Now, enter a realm once known only to the rich and powerful. Go beyond the popular Western misconception of the Geisha as little more than a high-priced call-girl. And discover the 400-year history of a profession where women devoted decades to the mastery of music, conversation, and the fine art of massaging the male ego. Witness the darker side of the Geisha, from tales of sexual treachery and suicide to their role in the fall of a hierarchy of political leaders as recently as 1989. From legendary Geisha of the past, to young women devoted to the profession in modern Japan, THE SECRET LIFE OF GEISHA offers an unprecedented glimpse into this ancient, enigmatic phenomenon. DVD Features: Glossary; Geisha Points of Distinction; Interactive Menus; Scene Selection

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