Zahid Hussain Md Jakir Masum

Zahid Hussain Md Jakir Masum
Zahid Hussain Md Jakir Masum, Instructor of Composition, Core Program

CELTA, University of Cambridge, UK
M.A. in English (TESOL), North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
B.A. (Hons) in English, Leading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh


I joined Core Program of AUW in August 2017 and have been teaching UG writing seminar courses. Previously I worked as English Language Instructor with Pathways for Promise program at AUW, Lecturer in English at North East University Bangladesh, Faculty of English Language at Scholastica, and Teaching Assistant at North South University. After completing BA (Honors) in English from Leading University, Sylhet, and MA in English (TESOL) from North South University, Dhaka, I did CELTA under University of Cambridge.


I’m currently teaching UG writing seminar courses.


My main research interest is the integration of ICT in English language teaching, especially in using self-accessed and self-paced web tools and Smartphone apps to support classroom teaching. Language test development and error analysis are among other areas I have huge interest in. I am also interested in Teacher development, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, and contextualizing modern approaches of language teaching and learning for Bangladeshi students and teachers.


Journal Articles

Masum, Z. H. M. J. (2016). Applicability of communicative approach in teaching English at the secondary level of Alia Madrasah education in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Research Foundation Journal 5(1), 45-53.

Masum, Z. H. M. J. (2016). Motivation of Bangladeshi higher secondary students in learning English language. Language in India 16(2), 177-189.

Afreen, A. & Masum, Z. H. M. J. (2014). Multiple choice questions in assessing reading. Teacher’s World 41(Special), 85-94.

Conference Papers

Masum, Z. H. M. J. (2016, October 22). Flipped Classroom—A Panacea for ELT in Bangladesh. Presented in BELTA National Conference. Chittagong: DSHE.

Masum, Z. H. M. J. (2016, April 23). Women in Shakespeare—Exploring feminist traits. Presented in National Conference on Shakespeare. Munshiganj, Bangladesh: Hamdard University Bangladesh.

Masum, Z. H. M. J. (2016, May 3-4). The paradox of TTT in English language classrooms—To talk or not to talk. Presented in International English Conference 2016. Dhaka: North South University.

Khan, S. I. & Masum, Z. H. M. J. (2015, January 2-4). ICT in EAP classes of Bangladesh: Progress and Prospects. Presented in 7th BELTA International Conference. Dhaka: NAEM.

Masum, Z. H. M. J. (2014, May 31). Games in multilevel EFL classrooms: Issues and possibilities. Presented in BELTA National Conference. Sylhet: SUST.

Afreen, A. & Masum, Z. H. M. J. (2014, March 27). MCQs to assess reading ability: What to test and how. National ELT Conference. Dhaka: Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka and English in Action, Open University, UK.

Working Papers / Reports

English through ICT: Developing 21st Century Skills (To be presented in the International Conference on ICT for Language Learning, 10th ed. (9-10 November 2017). Florence, Italy: Pixel.








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