Xiuhua Ke

Xiuhua Ke

Xiuhua Ke , Instructor

Ph.D. in Education, Western University, Canada
M.Ed,  Ashland University, USA
ACE TESOL Certificate, London Language Institute


Xiuhua Ke joined AUW in 2017 as an ESL instructor in the Pathways Program. She taught English as a foreign language in China for over ten years before she came to Canada. She pursued graduate studies in the U.S. and Canada, and completed her M.ED at Ashland University and Ph.D. at Western University.


Prior to joining AUW, she taught Chinese language and culture at Wayne State University first as a visiting instructor, then as an adjunct instructor. She also worked as an interpreter and translator for a few years in Canada. After competing her TESOL certification, she decided to pursue a career in ESL teaching. She teaches ESL in the Pathways for Promise Program at AUW.


Her research mainly focuses on the influence of prior knowledge and learning experience on learning a second, a third language; TESOL in multilingual and multicultural environment; technology-mediated language teaching and learning; language learning motivation through technology integration; cognitive load reduction through instructional design; information literacy and learning. She is also interested in teacher education.

Selected Conference Proceedings and Papers

  • Ke, X. (2017). On patchwork lesson pattern in ESL teaching (in progress).
  • Ke, X. (2016). Analysis of the influence of first language phonemes on ESL, presented on the Research Day, Western University.
  • Ke, X. (2014). Reframing the curriculum of foreign language education to be tuned to globalization, Presented at Wayne State University
  • Ke, X. (2010). Language transfer in third language learning, presented at ACTFL annual conference, Boston, USA, Nov. 2010
  • Ke, X. (2009). Teacher knowledge in foreign language teaching, presented at ACTFL annual conference, San Diego, USA, Nov. 2009
  • Ke, X. (2009). ESL students’ strategic competence and intercultural communication, presented at CIRD5, University of Michigan, USA, 2009



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