The AUW Residential Curriculum | Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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The AUW Residential Curriculum

Student Life / Residence Life / The AUW Residential Curriculum

  • Residence Life Curriculum for Residential Community Living           Fall 2016


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    • Residence Life Vision
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    In the belief that residential experience in college communities enhances individual development, Residence Life has designed an experience that empowers our residents to develop as confident women and valued leaders. This is achieved through various initiatives by the Resident Assistants and overseen by the Residence Life Department. These initiatives are grounded in our traditional AUW values, which supports women’s holistic development. The goal of the community is to enhance women’s leadership and identity development in support of academic, personal, and professional growth. This experience aims to facilitate the integration of the individual to the overarching community through an intentional residential curriculum.
    AUW Residence Life supports the overall growth of women through the experience of community living by providing intentional opportunities for the holistic development of its residents.
    The following tenets are expected to be utilized by each Resident Assistant (RA) in their Community Development Plan (CDP) to include in their programming throughout the year. Programming should not be limited to social programs, thus Resident Assistants should utilize floor/house meetings, active or passive programming to achieve the following learning outcomes.

    Community Living: The goal of community living is to provide the most cohesive and diverse community experience for our students. It exists to ensure that our students learn to live inside and outside the communities and deal appropriately with the challenges that come about due to the unique living arrangement at AUW.

    Awareness of Self: Women at AUW will construct a firm foundation upon which to build their identity through a balance in physical, social, emotional, spiritual and mental health. We strongly believe that self-awareness is the first key to living an authentic life. We aim for programs that will allow students to question who they are outside of the classroom, and to help students in this delicate and rocky transition to adulthood.

    Respect for Sisterhood: AUW strives to enroll the brightest women from various nationalities, and together they create a remarkable Sisterhood. This sisterly bond provides to be a support system for the rest of our students’ lives. During their time at AUW, it is important that students get ample opportunities to solidify their sisterly bonds outside of class. Thus our programming aims to continue to strengthen the Sisterhood through appreciation of each other as well as the institution.

    Developing Life Purpose: Developing a meaningful and purposeful life means that one must recognize how one’s own unique skills, talents and abilities can be utilized best. Our programming will allow residents to question their purpose(s) and develop meaningful life goals.

    Leadership and Service: One of the primary hallmark of AUW students, which truly make them stand out in the surrounding community, is that they believe in leading through serving. Our students often volunteer and can be found leading their peers in various service oriented projects. Service and leadership are essential qualities of a meaningful life, thus our programming aim to allow our residents to investigate their leadership style and serve their communities.

    Diversity and Inclusion: At AUW, we want our students to engage in a multicultural exchange of ideas, and for all our students to feel a part of the community. In our pursuit to achieve this goal, our Resident Assistants will work on various active and passive programming emphasizing the importance of these two tenets. It is our hope that through programming, each resident will learn new ideas and cultures as well as feel more comfortable outside of their comfort zone.

    Health and Wellness: In any living community, it is critical to maintain spiritual, physical and mental health and wellness. At AUW, we want to provide our students opportunities to reflect on or work on their pursuits to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The Resident Assistants will plan or collaborate with relevant departments to arrange programs which cater to our students’ health and wellness needs.

    Being a Global Citizen: Our residential program seeks to groom residents to eventually become productive and conscientious citizens of the world. To achieve that goal, we want to create programming which is aimed to help students’ water, space and/or energy conservation efforts. Our time and space in this earth impacts future generations, and we understand that many countries are at grave risk due to rising sea levels. Our programs will seek to educate and help students to be conscientious of the facts and make informed choices in their everyday lives.

    To assess all programs, Resident Assistants (RAs) will need to complete pre-program and post-program reflections. The form will have specific questions which will enable the RA to think with intention and plan an event which can be directly in conjunction with the tenets of our Residence Life Curriculum (RLC). At the end of each semester, each RA will be able to look at her Community Development Plan (CDP) in her final meeting with her supervisor(s). The RA will be provided feedback to improve or adjust her CDP accordingly. At the end of the year, during the RA Farewell, the most intentional/effective programs will be recognized and awarded. This award system can motivate the RA and provide an additional incentive to do great work.

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