IT Office | Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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AUW Emergency Contact Director AUW Security: +880 197-6225544

AUW Security Supervisor: +880 192-6673047

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Last date extended for all countries except Bangladesh.

IT Office

RESOURCES / For Faculty and Staff / IT Office
  • Mission of the department:

    Our mission for information technology is to create an environment where all students, faculty and staff have easy access to the information technology resources and information they need and to provide an information technology infrastructure that supports the institutional goals. We are committed to supporting and enhancing AUW core missions of education, research, and service through the effective management and use of information technology resources. We are dedicated to providing the technology services AUW needs to fulfill its commitment to research and education of the highest quality. We anticipate and meet the information technology needs of alumni, students, faculty, and staff as they pursue their educational and professional goals. We respect and value the input, opinions and importance of all members of AUW community.

    Hours of operation:

    • IT Department works from 9am to 5:30pm Sunday to Thursday
    • Weekly Holiday Friday and Saturday 9am to 5pm (On Call)

    • Please use the the IT “on call” phone: 01926673060

    Services provided for students:

    • We provide software and hardware IT support to all students in campus.
    • Internet services are provided to students’ personal laptops
    • We make sure student dorms are WiFi enable, device is working properly & UPS is up and running.
    • We install educational software on student personal laptops as advised by faculty only.
    • We make sure Antivirus software is installed properly and monitored for schedule virus scan from the Antivirus server. The server also detects and removes any viruses found on the student laptop.
    • We troubleshoot minor problems on student laptops and if major problems we advised them to get it fixed outsourced.
    • We create different types of account for students Domain, Gmail, Moodle, Library, Registrar on the server for different services, students sometimes forget, delete passwords which we have to recreate.
    • We create ID cards for students such as new ID cards, lost ID card, damage ID card etc… at the same time we have to maintain/update the IN/OUT and dining hall server database.

    Services provided for faculty and staff:

    • We support all faculty and staff with any of IT support software or hardware in-house or outsourced.
    • Internet services are provided to faculty on their personal and AUW laptops, desktops in the office and in faculty residence.
    • Faculty and staff offices and guest house are all WiFi enable and we have to make sure the devices & UPS backup power is stable and in operation.
    • We update, troubleshoot & repair faculty and staff personal and AUW laptop and desktops when and where needed. If the problem cannot be fixed in-house we support sometimes to get it fixed outsourced.
    • As per faculty advise we install maintain and troubleshoot different types of educational software for faculties in all IT labs desktops and their AUW & personal laptops.
    • We collaborate with our faculty, and staff in our design, development, and maintenance of an effective, flexible, and reliable technology infrastructure, and in our provision of technology tools and training support that meet their evolving needs.
    • We listen to, respect, and care for faculty, staff & students, and one another, both professionally and personally.

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