CTS Archived Event-Development of Energy-Efficient Photo-Voltaic Water Pumping System

CTS Seminar by: Mr Anjan Debnath, Senior Lecturer of Physics, AUW
Topic: Development of Energy-Efficient Photo-Voltaic Water Pumping System
Presentation Schedule:
Day: 11 April 2017 | Tuesday
Time: 5.00 pm
Venue: G308, AUW
Summary of Presentation: This research work conducts the design and simulation of a simple but efficient photo-voltaic water pumping system. It provides theoretical studies of photo-voltaic and modeling techniques using equivalent electric circuits. The system employs a new maximum power point tracker (MPPT) which is suitable for rapid changing weather conditions. A mathematical model of DC motor has been developed using actual output characteristic data and verified using MATLAB simulations. MATLAB simulations are also performed for comparing the number of iterations before reaching to MPP point of the developed method and the most popular existing MPPT algorithms using actual irradiance data. The research work chooses output sensing direct control method which requires two sensors only with a view to making the whole system cost effective. Each subsystem is modeled in order to simulate the whole system in MATLAB. Simulations also make comparisons with the system without MPPT in terms of total energy produced. The results validate that MPPT can significantly increase the efficiency and the performance of PV water pumping system compared with the system without MPPT.

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