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AUW Alumna’s computer science work featured in Dhaka Tribune

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Nishat Mowla, a 2013 graduate of the Asian University for Women, was featured in a Dhaka Tribune article highlighting her decision to major and earn a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Now teaching current AUW students, Nishat is encouraging more women to enter the traditionally male-dominated field.

“For Nishat, there is a connection between CS and women’s empowerment. Basic computing skills are necessary for most modern professions, and women need computer literacy to compete in today’s job market. CS careers also position women to shape society, as advancements in computing address global issues such as food insecurity, climate change, illnesses, and infectious disease. Nishat believes that women have a powerful role to play in these world- changing developments, and she intends to contribute.

Nobody can stop her. After she earned a CS degree from AUW, Nishat became a top Master’s student at the Engineering College of Ewha Womans University in South Korea. She recently won the Best Master’s Thesis Award, and she will begin a PhD program soon. For now she is teaching CS50x an online Introduction to Computer Science course developed by Harvard to 25 AUW undergraduates.”

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