Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia

Tuition & Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid

    AUW strives to meet the financial need of each admitted student and offers full and partial financial aid based on each family’s background and financial circumstances. All financial aid awards are assessed prior to the beginning of the academic program. Transfer students are not eligible for Financial Aid.


    Evaluation Criteria for Initial Financial Aid

    1. The overall financial situation of the student’s family from the documents provided by the students and their families in the initial application form at the time of admission.
    2. Education level of the parent(s).
    3. Job(s) and profession(s) of the earning members of the family.
    4. The level of income of the parent(s)/guardian(s), i.e., the salary, business income, investment income, rental income, total household income, etc.
    5. The earnings of any supporting member(s) of the family, i.e. brothers or sisters.
    6. Movable and immovable properties in terms of market value at the present rates.
    7. Community’s comment on the socio-economic condition/status of the family.
    8. The school the student attended prior to coming to AUW in terms of the educational costs for attending those schools.
    9. The schools of the siblings.
    10. Socio-economic situation of the geographical area where the student’s family resides.
    11. The luxury items owned by the student and her family.
    12. Bank statements.
    13. Tax return documents.
    14. Salary certificates for salaried parent(s).
    15. Information from a third party source(s) as needed.
    16. General assessment of people’s and committee members’ perceptions on socio-economic situation of the family/parents if it is known publically.
    17. Family composition.
    18. Number of non-earning dependents.
    19. Other document(s)/information as the committee deems necessary.

    The Financial Aid Committee shall have the right to investigate and verify all the information and documents submitted by the applicants.


    Eligibility to Continue Receiving Financial Aid

    Students are required to maintain a CGPA of 2.0 each year to continue to receive financial aid; financial aid will be renewed annually until graduation from AUW.

    A student cannot apply for any increase in the financial aid after she has started at AUW unless a drastic/ major event occurred that severely changes her family’s financial situation. Please keep in mind that any approval of such increase in financial aid later in the program will be a rare occurrence.


    Travel Grant for recipients of Financial Aid

    Travel grants may be awarded to international students who qualify for financial assistance. A travel grant is limited to a one-way ticket to Chittagong and a ticket home after graduation from AUW. Students seeking support for travel home during intermediate summers may engage in the AUW work-study program and earn money towards travel.


    Admission Fee

    Every selected student is required to pay an admission fee amounting to US$ 600. This is a one-time, non-refundable fee. It is payable only at the time of admission in the first year and will not be charged every year. The University may, at its discretion, decide to waive the admission fee for deserving students on a case-by-case basis.


    Tuition & Fees

    AUW’s fee for one academic year of study is US $15,000, irrespective of academic program. This fee includes:

    • Tuition.
    • Academic supplies (books, papers, etc.).
    • Residential facilities (accommodation, food, and other housekeeping services).
    • Primary on-site health services (dental, ophthalmological and pre-existing conditions are not covered).


    Breakdown of the annual fee is as follows:

    Tuition $ 9,000
    Books, Course Supplies, Student Activities $ 3,000
    Room & Board* $ 3,000
    Total per Year $15,000

    * Students who are Day Scholars (i.e. those not residing in AUW facilities) will not be charged for Room & Board, currently amounting to US$3,000 annually.


    Payment of Fees

    The Tuition & Fees are payable in two equal semester installments on August 15 and December 15 each year. Students may apply to the CFO for a monthly payment plan, based on valid individual circumstances. All monthly payments must be made before 10th of every month.


    AUW encourages all students to pay fees through cheque/pay order or bank transfer to AUW bank account. Students must notify finance department of direct deposit of fee, so that finance can issue them a receipt for the same.


    Fine for Late Payment of Fees

    Fine for late payment is imposed with the objective to set a discipline on the timely payment of tuition fee. CFO may on her/his discretion can waive the late fine of deserving students.

    Rate of fine Effective date
    NIL Paid on or before due date
    Flat Fine of BDT 1,000 Up to 15 days delay from due date
    Fine per month 2% on due amount in addition to flat fine of BDT 1,000. The day after last day of flat fine. (part of the month will be considered as full month)


    Delay in Payment of Fees

    In case of a delay in payment, AUW will set in motion the following process:

    1. Students not paying fees within due date shall face suspension of the following services within the university after 15 days of issuing first reminder:
    • Access to Dining
    • Access to Internet
    • Issuance of books from Library
    1. Students not paying fees even after first reminder shall not allowed to register for next semester. If the student is already registered for next semester then following consequences shall apply after 7 days of issuing second reminder:
    • Registration blocked for next semester
    • In case the defaulting student is already registered then she will be De-registered from next semester.
    1. A student who is not enrolled for the next semester will continue to owe the previous dues, and any enrollment in a subsequent year or a semester will be permitted only when the dues are fully paid.
    2. A student who owes fee to the University at the time of graduation shall not be issued with Academic Transcript, Degree or Diploma certificate and will not be allowed to attend Graduation Ceremony.
    3. The University reserves the right to take appropriate action to effect recovery of dues from students who leave the University with outstanding debts.


    Refund Policy

    1. Students opting for withdrawal from AUW after securing admission and payment of the first installment but before start of the classes will be entitled to full refund subject to a flat fee of US$ 200 towards administrative cost for withdrawal. Admission fee is not refundable as stated above.
    1. If a student withdraws from AUW after the start of classes no refund for that semester will be made.
    1. A student, who is dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons, prior to the end of semester, shall not be refunded any tuition and other fees paid for that semester.


    In every case, where a refund is applicable, refund will be made on production of the receipt of fee from AUW. Students’ written application seeking for the refund shall be approved by the finance subject to submission of clearance from all relevant departments before a refund is paid. All refunds will only be paid through account payee cheque or bank transfer.



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