Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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AUW Emergency Contact Director AUW Security: +880 197-6225544

AUW Security Supervisor: +880 192-6673047

Application Deadline

May 16, 2017 [ Only for India & Malaysia ]

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    • Regular Admissions
    • Transfer Admissions

    Step 1: Get the forms

    Applicants can collect the application form from the AUW Office of Admissions or their Country Coordinators, or from the AUW website. The complete application package includes an application form, self-assessment form, and an institutional recommendation form. All forms can be found under the “Admission Forms” tab or you can click here.

    Step 2: Complete the Application Form and Provide Relevant Documents

    In addition to the application form, the self-assessment form, and the institutional recommendation form, applicants must submit the following:

    • 3 copies of passport-size photographs with the name of the applicant written on the back
    • Certified/attested copies of all academic transcripts and certificates
    • Copies of any other certificates received (for extracurricular activities)
    • Copies of all relevant financial documents (e.g., bank statements, income tax certificates, salary statements, etc.)
    • List of extra-curricular activities

    Step 3: Send Application Material to the Office of Admissions

    Applicants can either email all application material to or send all documents through post to the Office of Admissions. International applicants should send all application materials to their country coordinators.

    The applicant, who wants to be transferred from other university, must also complete an admissions application (as articulated above for regular admission) and sit for the entrance exam prior to meeting with the Registrar, who is the institutional transfer officer responsible for the initial evaluation.

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