Public Health Major Requirements | Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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Public Health Major Requirements

ACADEMICS / Undergraduate Programs / Public Health Studies / Public Health Major Requirements
  • Core Courses that are required for Public Health

    • Probability and Statistics
    • Biology I
    • Chemistry I
    • Introduction to Public Health
    • Global Health Challenge
    • Psychology, Political Science, Sociology


    Course distribution for students with Public health Major: 13 courses


    Quantitative and Data Analysis courses: (Take both = 2)

    • Principles of Biostatistics& SPSS Lab
    • Advanced Biostatistics& STATA Data Analysis Lab


    Core Public Health courses: (Take 5= 5)

    • Introductory Epidemiology
    • Research Methods in Public Health
    • Maternal, Child Health, and Nutrition
    • Chronic Diseases Epidemiology
    • Ethical & Policy Issues in Public Health
    • Implementation and Evaluation of Global Health Research


    Biomedical track courses: (take 3 = 3)

    • Bio II (Required)
    • Infection and Immunity
    • Infectious and Tropical Diseases Epidemiology
    • Genes and Genomes
    • Human Form and Function
    • Bioinformatics
    • One Health in Public Health
    • Environmental Microbiology


    Social and Behavioral Sciences track: (take 3 = 3)

    • Developmental studies
    • Economics(2000 level or higher)
    • Psychology, Political Science, Sociology (3000 level or higher)
    • Qualitative Research Methods in Social and Behavioral Science


    Cross cutting courses: (take 1 = 1)

    • Health Economics
    • Environmental Health


    Senior Seminar Thesis I and II (take both = 2)


    Course distribution for students with Public Health minor: 6 courses

    Required Courses:

    • Public Health Courses (4)
    • Introductory to Public Health/Global Health Challenges
    • Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition
    • Principles of Biostatistics
    • Introduction to Epidemiology

    Additional courses (2)

    Non-science Major: General Biology I and II, General Chemistry I and II, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Human Form and Function, Climate Change, Cell and Molecular Biology, Genes and Genomes etc.

    Science Major: Psychology, Economics, Development Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Ethical & Policy Issues in Public Health

    National and International Experience Recommended:

    • Summer International Internship
    • Summer National Internship
    • Summer Undergraduate Research experience
    • Summer Study Abroad Programs


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