Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia

Public Health Major Requirements

  • Core Courses that are required for Public Health(3 to count towards the core)

    Probability and Statistics

    Biology 1

    Chemistry 1


    Course distribution for students with Public Health Major: 13 courses


    Quantitative and Data Analysis courses: (Take Both = 2)

    Principles of Biostatistics& SPSS Lab

    Advanced Biostatistics& STATA Data Analysis Lab


    Core Public Health Courses: (Take 5 = 5)

    Introduction to Epidemiology (Required)

    Research Methods in Public Health (Required)

    Maternal &Child Health and Nutrition

    Global Health Challenges

    Ethics& Policy Issues in Public Health

    Implementation and Evaluation of Health Intervention

    Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

    Introduction to Public Health



    Biomedical Track Courses: (Take 3 = 3)*

    Bio II(Required)

    Infection and Immunity

    Infectious and Tropical Diseases Epidemiology

    Chronic Diseases Epidemiology

    Genetics and Genomics

    Human Anatomy and Physiology


    One Health in Public Health

    Organic Chemistry

    Environmental Microbiology


    Social and Behavioral Sciences Track Courses: (Take any 3 = 3)

    Qualitative Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences

    Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health

    Theories and Practices of Development

    Introduction to Gender Studies: History & Theories

    Environmental Economics

    Global Mental Health

    Global Ethics and Human Rights

    Ethics and Policy in Health Care Issues


    Cross Cutting Courses: (take 1 = 1)

    Health Economics

    Environmental Health/Water Sanitation and Hygiene


    Senior Seminar I and Senior Thesis (Take Both = 2)


    * Public Health students interested to fulfil pre-med requirements must take Bio II, and Organic Chemistry


    Course distribution for students with Public Health minor: 6 courses

    Required Courses (4)

    Introductory to Public Health

    Global Health Challenges

    Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition

    Principles of Biostatistics

    Introduction to Epidemiology


    Additional courses (2)

    Non-science Major: General Biology I, General Chemistry I, Climate Change, Cell and Molecular Biology, Genes and Genomes. Environmental Health, Infectious and Tropical Diseases Epidemiology, Chronic Diseases Epidemiology


    Science Major: Health Policy and Planning, Health Economics


    National and International Experience Recommended:

    Summer International Internship

    Summer National Internship

    Summer Undergraduate Research experience

    Summer Study Abroad Programs



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