Development Studies Minor Requirements | Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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Development Studies Minor Requirements

ACADEMICS / Undergraduate Programs / Minors / Development Studies Minor Requirements
  • Development Studies Minor Requirements:

    – Students have to complete 20 credits (the equivalent of 5 courses) in Development Studies.
    – There are two mandatory courses (details listed below):

    a) DEV/SOCA2600: Introduction to Development Studies

    b) DEV/PPE3650: Theories and Practices of Development (Completing DEV/SOCA 2600 is a prerequisite)
    – A maximum of one (1) course can be of lower level than 3000, in addition to DEV/SOCA2600.
    – A maximum of two (2) courses can count both towards the core and towards the minor (e.g. Regional Challenges).
    – A minimum of three (3) courses must be of 3000 level or higher, including DEV/PPE3650.
    – The students must have a minimum grade of C- in a course for it to count towards the minor.
    – The 3000 level (or higher) courses must be exclusive to the minor and cannot count towards another major.
    – Apart from the mandatory courses, the DS coordinator/advisor will confirm the list of optional courses (including course levels) that can be counted towards DS minor before starting of each academic semester.

    Download the Development Studies Minor Check List. (Word Document)

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