Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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AUW Emergency Contact Director AUW Security: +880 197-6225544

AUW Security Supervisor: +880 192-6673047


May 20, 2017

-Quote We Salute-

Mission & Vision

ABOUT US / Mission & Vision
  • Asian University for Women seeks to graduate women who will be skilled and innovative professionals, service-oriented leaders in the businesses and communities in which they will work and live, and promoters of intercultural understanding and sustainable human and economic development in Asia and throughout the world.

    AUW seeks:

    • To educate women to become highly motivated and effective professionals, leaders, and service-oriented citizens;
    • To provide a vibrant and diverse residential learning community where highly talented women and those with uncommon potential from many cultural and religious backgrounds can grow both intellectually and personally;
    • To create a student-focused learning environment where the arts, humanities, and natural and social sciences establish a broad base of inquiry, where disciplinary and independent studies provide learning depth, and where applied studies in both the general studies and majors’ curricula require students to link theoretical understanding with contemporary issues and challenges facing Asia and the world; and
    • To focus student learning on the acquisition of intellectual abilities, reflective personal growth, leadership abilities, and a service-oriented outlook.

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