Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia


  • What is TALE?

    TALE creates a platform for guest speakers from within or outside AUW. It is an exchange medium of personal, professional and social perspectives on one’s profession, interests and passions. Speakers share struggles as well as success stories in their career and professional life.

    The goal of TALE is to inspire AUW students by learning about the ‘journey’ which took the speaker to where he/she has ended up intellectually, professionally and/or personally. The students are exposed to different ideas and different paths one can take in following one’s dreams or discovering one’s potential.

    The ideas behind TALE are:

    • To have an informal forum for the AUW community to interact and learn from experienced individuals of different fields and
    • To give our students exposure to topics, events, experiences, issues, and/or ideas outside of the classrooms
      and the campus.
    • To provide AUW an opportunity to establish professional contact with a professional from a certain field.
    • TALE talks usually involve the presenter speaking between 30-40 minutes after which a question/answer session
      or discussion follows for 20 minutes. Unlike the traditional academic presentation, the speaker is encouraged
      to take a storytelling approach.

    TALE has been organized since August 2010 by Dr. Faheem Hussain and Dr. Sara Amin.It was founded by the former AUW faculty Dr. Jalene Lamontagne and Dr.
    Polly Pook.

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    Spring 2014′s Tales

    May 14: Class of 2014, “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step”

    May 6: Deneuve Shepherd AUW Fellow, “A TALE of Perseverance: I’ve Come This Far By Faith”

    April 24: Dr. Mehtab Khanam Professor of Psychology at Dhaka University, “The Power of Unconditional Love”

    April 17: Korvi Rakshand Founder of Jaago Foundation, “From A Wish To a Movement”

    April 10: Ms. Andrea Woods Access Academy Teacher, “#ADuckOnAnElephant’sBack(#AStoryToldInHashtags)

    April 3: Dr. Emily Stull Assistant Professor of PPE, “Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight”

    March 27: Dr. Genvieve Gamache Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, “Memories Without Souveniers”

    March 6:Syeda Gulshan Ferdous Jana Freedom of Expression Activist, “Speak Out! Improving Your Argument Works Better Than Raising Your Voice”

    March 4: Mr. Shakhawat Hossain Boys of Bangladesh, “Talking About Sexual Rights: A personal Account”

    February 27:Mr. Solaimon Shukhon Brand and Image Consultant, “From six digit to the 5th only to be “slingshotted” to the 7th!”

    February 20: Ms.Devon Newhouse WT Volunteer, “The Bombay Bride: How My Family Became American”

    February 14:Mr. Ian Pounds Access Academy Faculty, “The Path of Love”

    February 6:Dr. Herman Salton Professor of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, “The Land of Human Rights: A Tale of Six Cities”

    January 23: Mr.Jim Henry Lecturer in Composition, “How Not to Help Africa: How a few well intentioned people from one of the richest cities on earth went to Camaroon and how they failed to build a school”

    January 7: Mr. Ronnie Minhaz, “St. Petersburg: Where history, Culture, and Beauty Melt”

    Fall 2013′s Tales

    November 28:Major Ezaz Afzal Associate Director of Logistics and Security, “Twists and Turns, Under The Sylvan Shadow”

    November 21:Kevin Stull Fine Arts Lecturer and John Simpson Senior Fellow, “A Musical Journey: How Music Has Influenced Our Lives”

    November 7:Dr. Edwin Cruz-Rivera Biology Faculty, “On the Origin of Professors by Means of Unnatural Selection or How to Become a Marine Biologist Without Looking At Dolphins in the Struggle for Having a Life”

    October 31:Meeraal Shafaat Access Academy Faculty, “Hazaaron Khwahishain Aisi” (A Thousand Desires Such As These)

    October 24th:Saiful Huq Omi Photographer and Activist, “Photography is Fun but Being Photographed is Not Always”

    October 3rd:Dr. Shamsul Hossain Historian and Archaeologist, “Eternal Chittagong: A Tale of a City”

    September 26th:Shilpa Guha, “A Woman’s Woman: Finding Strength in Sisterhood”

    September 19th: John Stanlake, “Amar Nam John. Amar Cricket Bhalo Lage”

    September 5th:Ian Pounds, “UNDESTROYED: One Man’s Journey to Afghanistan”

    Fall 2015′s Tales

    October 1: Angela Hariche, “TONE – Mobile Technology in the Development Sector”

    October 8: Tanjila Mazumder Drishti, “Brac’s Young Professionals Program”

    October 29: Katsuki Sakai, “AUW Support Foundation”

    November 5: Debra Efroymson, “Work for Better Bangladesh – Beyond Apologies”

    November 12: Hasnain Sabih Nayak, “HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh”

    November 26: Samir Obaid, “From a Drug Addict to a Rock Star”

    Spring 2016′s Tales

    January 14: Newaz Akbar, “Social Entrepreneurship”

    January 17: Leila Zainab, “Race, Gender and Identity”

    February 4: Language and Composition Class AUW, “Letters to Girlhood”

    February 10: Dr. Kaykobad, “Math and IT Fest 2016”

    February 17: Abu Jamil Faisel,”Bangladesh Safe Motherhood Situation”

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