Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia

Student Organizations

  • Asian University for Women (AUW) students take an active role in shaping campus life. The Office of Student Activities (OSA) provides students with extracurricular opportunities that promote their intellectual growth, skills and all-round personality development by engaging them in multicultural programs and student clubs. Student clubs provide opportunities for students to meet with others who share a common interest. Student clubs range in focus from discussing issues related to women to teaching English in the community to advocating for peace and change in the world. These opportunities allow students to explore personal interests outside the classroom while developing leadership and group work skills.

    Clubs are founded and operated by students with the support of a faculty adviser. Students are responsible for organizing club meetings and programs; faculty advisers are responsible for supporting the club in its mission and practice. Each club must have a self-elected board that can fulfill the administrative responsibilities of the club.

    Don’t miss the opportunity, hurry up and get involved!

    For more information about these clubs, please contact the Office of Student Activities at



    Name of the Club

    Mission Statement


    Dance club

    To enhance the quality and talent in dancing.


    AUWian Beautician Club

    - To provide beautifying service inside our campus
    - Learning opportunity for those who are interested in beautician
    - Perform Facial,Haircut, hair styling, hair oiling and message, temporary and permanent hair straightening(client should bear the cost of cream).
    - eyelash and brow tint, and those services which is easy to perform with less cost.
    - Apply makeup


    Arab club

    To give ideas about Arab culture, language and learn about the middle east countries


    AUW Public Health Leadership Club

    To promote health awareness among AUW community and outside as well


    AUW Environmentalists

    To raise awareness about environment sustainable activities and climate change among AUW and non AUW communities


    AUW Film Club

    To provide the opportunity for AUW students to learn filmmaking and editing skills to tell stories in visually interesting way


    AUW Photography Club

    To teach the techniques of photography to women and to promote leadership


    AUW Guitar Club

    To create a joyful environment for students who are interested in guitar, and to promote musical spirit in AUW community


    AUW Speak Up Club

    To raise awareness and enhance activism on issues of discrimination against women and girls


    AUW Debating Society

    To offer students the floor to participate in constructive debates on issues that impinge on the community and the world


    AUW Entrepreneurship Club

    To conduct training, workshops and seminars to develop skills and knowledge for opening own social business
    To provide information and discussions, and bring up stories to show the steps of creating or starting a business


    AUW Animal Welfare Club

    To promote animal welfare in our community.


    Women Across Borders Club

    To promote education, fun and group work among the children who do not have access to proper schools and resources


    AUW IT Club

    To offer high quality computing-related training and learning experience in which members can empower in technical fields.


    Coding Club

    To encourage women to code and to give starting knowledge about how to create a webpage


    Asian University for Women Model United nations Club(AUWMUNC)

    To prepare the students to practice their leadership skills and deal with real life issues wearing a diplomat’s shoes.


    AUW Drama Club (Mukhosh O Mukh)

    To entertain the AUW Community
    To improve critical thinking skill
    To Improve public speaking and social interaction
    To aware people about the world situation
    To raise voice against injustice


    Martial Arts Club

    To refresh students by bringing them out of their academic and mental pressure through Martial Arts.


    Anthology club

    To encourage the practice of writing among AUW students and help the aspiring writers in publishing their works


    Wise Monkeys with the tagline “We see, we hear, we talk and let you know

    To hold workshops to let the students know more about media and broadcasting To encourage the practice of journalism among AUW students, provide updated news about different activities at AUW campus To establish a platform for students to share their thoughts on the current events inside and outside AUW

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