Senior Year Experience | Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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Senior Year Experience

Student Life / Senior Year Experience
    • 2016-17
    • Background


    What Now? What’s Next? Life after/outside of AUW workshop was first initiated in Spring of 2013 when the Asian Studies faculty realized that the first graduating class majoring in Asian Studies had concerns about post graduation. Their concerns were valid given that both Liberal Arts and Asian Studies was a concept in this part of the region. The first workshop included Asian Studies students and faculty having an open ended discussion about the major concerns of the students regarding post graduation. The faculty members then involved the students to brainstorm ideas about the tools and skills they developed over the years studying at AUW to use to overcome their concerns. The workshop concluded with an evaluation and feedback from the students. The faculty members then realized that the concerns were not only centered around the Asian Studies students but for all the students from the graduating class.


    In Spring of 2014 the Asian Studies professor, who initiated the What Now? Workshop included the Office of the Dean of Students staff (Asst. Dean, Psychologist), Director of Career Development Center (CDC), AUW alumnae who were then working at AUW Fellows, to the workshop.
    The workshop was broken into three segments:

    Segment 1: Presentations from AUW alumnae and faculty and staff

    Segment 2: Students were asked to break into groups to brainstorm ideas
    of how to deal with their post graduation problems followed by presentations by each group

    Segment 3: Feedback and evaluation from the attendees


    Asian Studies Professor and Asst. Dean of Students turned the 2-hour workshop into a semester long workshop series.

    • Saturday, January 24, 2015: What are the concerns/questions students have about life “after”/outside of AUW?
    • Saturday, January 31 2015: How do others manage these concerns and questions? Presentations from AUW graduates, ford research findings, AUW staff and faculty.
    • Saturday, February 28th 2015: How do others manage these concerns and questions? Presentations from AUW graduates, ford research findings, AUW staff and faculty.
    • Saturday, March 7th, 2015: What are strategies I can use? Presentation of strategies from experts, including Psychologist Farhana Afroz and CDC director Ms. Chanchala Gunewardana.
    • Saturday, April 4th 2015: What are my strengths and sources of support? Workshop participants make their own plans and strategies.


    Fall 2015

    September 28 : Grad School 101 (Office – CDC)

    October 6 : Grad School 101: Follow up Q/A Session (Office/Person – EmilyC & Sharmistha)

    October 10 : Fact Finding (Office – Dean’s Office)

    October 24 : Senior Year Experience

    Remaining workshops of the series were cancelled.

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