Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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AUW Emergency Contact Director AUW Security: +880 197-6225544

AUW Security Supervisor: +880 192-6673047

Spring Break

March 5-9, 2017

-Quote We Salute-

Work Study Program

Student Life / Work Study Program
  • The Office of the Dean of Students organizes the Work Study Program (WSP) for students at AUW. ┬áThe WSP is a way for students gain introduction to work culture and to help meet their financial needs as students. ┬áThe program also aims to:

    • Assist students in developing a positive attitude toward work
    • Teach students good work habit and time management skills
    • Enhance students’ sense of responsibility
    • Provide students with valuable learning experience while doing worthwhile work
    • Meet the needs of the university in performing day-to-day operations

    Below you will find the WSP Forms to Below you will find the WSP Forms and Manual.

    Go to the Office of Dean of Students in 20H Room #107 if you have any queries about the Work Study Program.
    Available Positions

    • There are no positions currently available


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