Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia


  • Midnight Breakfast

    A new tradition introduced at AUW by the Dean of Students and the Office of Student Activities where interested Faculty members prepare breakfast for all the students at midnight of the first night during the study break before the finals.  The Faculty members join to prepare delicious breakfast ranging from pancakes to scrambled eggs, from fruit salad to juice.  The Faculty members including the Vice Chancellor cheerfully prepares and serves the students who anxiously wait in a queue.  In addition, there is live music played and singing by students and Faculty members.


    UG4 Spirit Week

    UG4 Spirit is an initiative taken by AUW’s 4th year Undergraduates to bring up spirit of all the final year students. The students have begun a tradition of celebrating and organizing programs each week as a part of UG4 Spirit. The responsibility is divided according to the interest of the students, so that everyone can participate on organizing the events and also can enjoy it while taking responsibility. So far, we have organized events such as face painting, Karaoke night, UG4 Market Fair, DJ night, Sleepover, UG4 trip to Cox’s Bazaar and St. Martin’s Island, and the grand finale the UG4 cultural night.


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