Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia

Student Activities

  • The Office of Student Activities (OSA) focuses on enriching student life outside of the classroom by facilitating all out-of-class extra and co curricular activities, including student-run clubs and Student Government. It also directly manages the work-study program, coordinates cultural celebrations for both religions and non-religious events, and organizes term-break activities for students who remain on campus. Through all of these activities, OSA works to support student learning and foster a sense of community among the students of AUW.


    The mission of the Office of Student Activities (OSA) is to enrich student lives beyond the classroom and promote overall student development by inspiring them to contribute to society, respect cultural diversity, and foster a sense of community.

    Find OSA:

    In AUW

    H109 and 20G Beside B-Lounge


    Contact the OSA Supervisors

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    At 031- 285-4980 (Ext. 181)

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