AUW Mentorship Program (AMP) | Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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Application Deadline
Last date extended for all countries except Bangladesh.

AUW Mentorship Program (AMP)

Student Life / Career Development & Int'l Programs (CDIP) / AUW Mentorship Program (AMP)
  • Purpose:
    Mentorship is a learning relationship between students (mentees) and experienced individuals (mentors) in various industries across geographies. Mentors develop mentees in the areas of knowing-oneself, gaining confidence, career aspirations, and life goals by sharing their personal learning experiences and providing timely feedback or encouragement to mentees. The AUW Mentorship Program (AMP) connects AUW students with talented and inspiring professionals around the globe to help unlock potential and enhance their personal and professional development.


    The mission of the AUW Mentorship Program (AMP) is to enhance the Asian University for Women academic experience through experiential learning, professional skills development, and leadership by coaching and creating connections and community for AUW students and alumnae with the organizations or individual volunteer partners.



    For the Mentors

    1. To meet and interact with students who will be future women leaders/managers
    2. To share knowledge and professional experiences
    3. To open professional and personal networks to students
    4. To impart networking and communications skills to students
    5. To give career guidance

    For the Students

    1. To define career objectives from the knowledge, power, and influence of the mentor
    2. To gain “insider” knowledge about a specific industry/business
    3. To develop networking skills and gain access to professional networks
    4. To be able to tap into an existing network(s) for personal and professional development

    The pioneer batch of Mentorship program was successfully launched in partnership with Marriot International in January2017. Through this 6-month program, 50 active mentors out of 72 pledges from Marriott executives were matched AUW students. This program lasted for six months and the closure ceremony was held in June 2017.

    The second cohort of AUW mentorship program was launched in collaboration with AUWSF Singapore in September 2017. The AMP Cohort 2 has 26 active mentor and mentees and will last for two semesters. Mentors come from Singapore, USA, Malaysia, China, U.S and UK with diverse fields as technology, financial services, consulting, healthcare, education, non-profit, and many more.

    To learn about the AUW Mentorship Program or if you are interested to mentor the world’s next women leaders, feel free to email

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