AUW Internship For Credit (IFC) Program | Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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Application Deadline
January 31 , 2018

AUW Internship For Credit (IFC) Program

Student Life / Career Development & Int'l Programs (CDIP) / AUW Internship For Credit (IFC) Program
  • AUW Internship For Credit (IFC) Program

    Internships are experiential learning, where students gain direct experience in a professional setting, allowing them to explore their career interests. Internships also open up opportunities for students to gain supervision and feedback from professionals in the field.

    Internship Period

    Students may engage in internships:

    • During the Semester
    • Winter break (mid-Dec to early Jan)
    • Summer break (mid-May to mid-Aug)

    Credit and Grading Information

    A student may earn a total of eight credits from internships (and/or summer projects), throughout the entire study period at AUW. Students may distribute these credits in any manner they see fit, as long as they have secured approval from the faculty advisers of their internship and/or summer projects.

    For any one internship, the student can earn a maximum of four credits, depending on the number of hours worked, as below:

    • 30 hours = 1 credit
    • 60 hours = 2 credits
    • 90 hours = 3 credits
    • 120 hours = 4 credits

    Supervising faculty retains the right to determine how many credit(s) students earn per 30 working hours in their internship. Although hours worked at the internship may meet or exceed 30 hours, faculty may award fewer credits or require additional work from students, based on academic merit.

    Refer to the IFC Agreement Form, and/or contact Prof. Harunur Rashid (CDIP Faculty Advisor to the IFC Program) for further details.

    Procedure for Earning Credit

    To support achievement of these goals, different aspects of the student’s internship experience will be overseen by the CDIP Faculty Advisor, an academic adviser, and the on-site internship supervisor. To obtain academic credit, the student will be required carry out the following steps in order:

    1. Once an internship is secured, establish a connection with an on-site internship supervisor (from the host organization) who’s willing to provide evaluations at the end of the internship to help support the student’s claim for credit.
    2. Secure an academic adviser (an AUW faculty) who will review, provide feedback/advice as needed, and grade the submission of required internships components (detailed in the IFC Agreement Form). Names of academic advisors are announced to the student body by the CDIP Faculty Advisor before the start of an internship term.
    3. Fill out and submit the IFC Agreement Form as per the instruction in the form.
    4. Participation in the Internship for Credit Showcase, held in Spring/Fall Semester using poster/oral presentations.

    For further details, please email or

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