Summer Internship 2017 | Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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Application Deadline
Last date extended for all countries except Bangladesh.

Summer Internship 2017

Student Life / Career Development & Int'l Programs (CDIP) / Summer Internship 2017
  • Summer 2017 Internship



    Internships provide students both experience in the professional world and the opportunity to discover what they can do as a productive individual. An intern acquires a firm understanding of the organization’s mission & culture and gains familiarity with the actions and skills involved in the job.


    This summer, AUW successfully placed 121 interns in 46 companies across 13 countries in Asia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Of the 121, 100 (83 percent) are current students and 21 (17 percent) are recent graduates. Here is the breakdown of the interns in respect to their academic level & major:



    Internship Length

    Starting May 2017 until August 2017, current students are available to engage in an internship for 8-12 weeks. The recent graduates, on the other hand, have the liberty to extend their internships beyond the stipulated timeline. The internship start date is at the discretion of the employer and student availability.


    Internship Industry

    This summer the AUW interns worked in the following industry sectors:


    Industry No. of Intern(s)
    Non Profit 60
    Retail 11
    Healthcare 11
    Financial Institution 10
    ‎Supply Chain Management 7
    Banking 6
    Telecommunications 5
    Hospitality 3
    FMCG 2
    Consulting 2
    University 1
    Pharmaceutical 1



    Compensated Internships

    Out of the 46 employer companies, 22 (48 percent) provided financial support to interns. Compensated interns or those deemed eligible to receive a salary/hourly wage/stipend directly from the employer totals to approximately 56 interns. A special case is the 10 Afghan students whose internship stipends come from their DRL Scholarship. On the contrary, 56 interns are reported to be without any financial support. While AUW encourages compensation for our students, it is not required of the hiring company. Housing, transportation and lunch meals apart from flights and visa fees (for international internships) are covered by a few international organizations.


    Internship For Credit Program

    A student may earn a total of eight credits from internships (and/or summer projects), throughout the entire study period at AUW. Students may distribute these credits in any manner they see fit, as long as they have secured approval from the faculty advisers of their internship and/or summer projects. For more information, please click here.


    This summer, 12 interns (10 current students and 2 recent graduates) applied to earn credit through the IFC program (internship for credit). As part of the requirement to gain credits, 10 of the interns participated in a showcase where they illustrated their internship experience through posters. To read more about the showcase, please click here.


    Feedback from Host Organizations

    CDIP has successfully collected feedback from 59 supervisors on 76 interns. Majority (96%) of the supervisors was impressed with the interns’ performances and is willing to recruit interns again from AUW. Additionally, should there be an opportunity 48% of the supervisors are interested to hire the supervisee as a full-time employee.


    “She has shown her good attitude in working and learning. She was working hard, proactive to catch-up the business and actively contributes to department’s business…”

    – Ms. Le Hoang Tuong Ly, Trade Marketing Director, Abbott laboratories, Vietnam


    “The intern has been an exceptional intern, hard working and dedicated, systematically taking initiative and looking for opportunities to contribute to APPRO’s work in a discreet yet highly effective manner.”

    – Ms. Lucile Martin, Grants and Communications Manager, Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO), Afghanistan


    “Timing of internship is too short to understand our garment merchandising field. 2 months is too short. If can extend longer time would be better.

    – Ms. Betty Fung, Assistant Merchandising Manager, Tory Burch Hong Kong Limited


    Pleasure to have our intern in the team to work on “Supplier Relationship Management” that really showed great profile to integrate who is result oriented by creating Excellence.”

    – Mr. Mahbub Alam Bhuiyan, Operational Process Manager, Decathlon, Bangladesh


    “Very responsible and she worked according to our instructions given and delivered the tasks on time with good quality. She is also very cheerful and easy to communicate to. She seeks opportunities to learn and able to ask sensible questions whenever she encountered difficulties. We had a very good experience working with her.”

    – Ms Cherrie Kok, Manager, Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), Hong Kong


    Feedback from Interns

    So far 106 interns have shared their feedback on their internship experience with CDIP. Most of them found the opportunities helpful in developing their communication, organizational & time-management skills, therefore, making them more confident. 62% of the interns responded by highly recommending their host organization to other students for future opportunities while 76% expressed interest to work with the same organization again.


    “The internship provided a better understanding on how things work in an actual workplace. Moreover, my team work and communication skills have improved a lot…”

    – Linh Ngo, UG3, Public Health Studies major


    “This internship was a good opportunity for me to engage myself in different activities related to my future career which is ECD (early childhood development). It gave me a platform to do research on this field and also to attend different training sessions…”

    – Sanam Gul, UG2, Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) major


    “Everything about the internship program and experience for me was…this internship provided me with an open opportunity to learn something new and discover my areas of weaknesses, strengths and interests more thoroughly…”

    – Faizah Aditya, UG4, Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) major


    Photos shared by few of the interns can be viewed here



    Other Statistics:


    Top Intern Employers No. of Intern(s)
    Institute of Wellbeing (Bangladesh) 14
    Li & Fung Foundation (Bangladesh & Hong Kong) 7
    OpenM (Vietnam)
    Abbott (India & Vietnam)

    6 each

    AIA Group (Hong Kong)
    ICDDR,B (Bangladesh)
    MetLife (Bangladesh)

    5 each


    Civil Society and Human Rights Network (Afghanistan),
    eHomemakers (Malaysia)
    Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (Bangladesh)
    Hutchison Asia Telecom Group (Sri Lanka)
    UNIQLO (Bangladesh & Japan)



    4 each


    Source No. of Organization
    Self 16
    AUWSF 14
    CDIP 12
    Referral – Alumna 4
    Referral – Faculty 3
    Referral – Student 1


    To learn about more about the AUW Internship Program or if you are interested to collaborate with us, feel free to email


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