Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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Spring Break

March 5-9, 2017

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Career Development & Int’l Programs (CDIP)

Student Life / Career Development & Int'l Programs (CDIP)
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    The mission of the Center for Career Development and International Programs (CDIP) is to serve students and recent alumnae by helping them understand who they are as emerging professionals, to provide resources, programs, counseling, coaching, mentorship, career development workshops, internships, employment, and graduate school options to enrich their academic and real-world knowledge and skills.

    The collaborative and dynamic CDIP team aims to significantly improve public awareness about CDIP services and ensure satisfactory engagement of AUW students and alumnae, equipping them with highly developed marketable competencies, skills and understanding of the business, academic and development markets while building on their strengths as a leader through a uniquely Asian perspective.

    Meet the CDIP Team:

    Lucille Jade Galvan
    Associate Director Leadership and Professional Development

    Jade oversees the operations of CDIP and works with the team to meet the needs of AUW stakeholders – from helping job seekers to working with employers to attract talented candidates. Jade is responsible for the supervision of CDIP staff, the development and implementation of programs, forming and advancing collaborations and partnerships with multiple organizations in various geographies to maintain an awareness of resources available at CDIP.



    Fatema Patel
    Assistant Director

    Fatema is responsible for coordinating arrangements with partner international universities and agencies which provide scholarship information to students on both study exchange and graduate studies, graduate school counseling/coaching, training, and providing ongoing support, resources and guidance to a wide variety of AUW students aiming for postgraduate studies.



    Ameena Chowdhury
    Senior Officer

    Ameena’s responsibilities include providing workshops, career assessments, career coaching, and job search skills, such as job search strategy, resume services, cover letters, and mock interviews, to a variety of AUW students.





    Telephone: (+88) 31 2854980-87, ext. 182

    Office G402
    Asian University for Women
    20/A M.M. Ali Road
    Chittagong-4000, Bangladesh

    The Career Development Center is now the Center for Career Development and International Programs (CDIP) to better align the name with the scope of services we now provide. This transition is effective since November 1, 2016.We are excited with the merging of Career Development Center (CDC) and Center for International Program (CIP) units, and together with our expanded and dedicated transition support team, we hope to increase accessibility and better meet the needs of all AUW stakeholders – from providing excellent customer service for employer partners in campus recruiting and communication, to improving access for students to resources like career assessments & counseling, professional development workshops, internships, study exchange, scholarships, graduate studies and job opportunities.

    We’re rebranding!

    The Career Development Center (CDC) and The Center for International Programs (CIP)is now under one roof…

    Effective November 1 st 2016, CDC and CIP have merged to form the brand new Center for Career Development and International Programs (CDIP), aiming towards academic and professional development of the Asian University for Women (AUW) students.

    GOAL – To support AUW’s mission in preparing forward-thinking students, CDIP helps students
    discover a career path that will lead them to the independent future they envision.
    To streamline CDIP, activities and services such as internship opportunities, job listings, higher studies and international study exchange programs now work effectively under one roof!

    Ensuring the proper guidance and support throughout their junior and senior years, whether it is grad school or their first job experience, CDIP prepares students to tackle pressing challenges around the world through one-on-one consultations, workshops & training sessions. In addition to this, CDIP collaborates with institutions abroad and facilitates study-exchange programs, which allows them to expand their cultural knowledge and experience a foreign study environment.

    AUW students come from diverse cultural backgrounds studying a unique liberal arts curriculum, allowing employers to reach out to students with varied career interests. Not only are the students eager to grab the next work experience opportunity but are bursting with new ideas to contribute towards the work place and the community itself.

    CDIP provides employers with the opportunity to present their organization to the students, engage in interactive sessions and hire candidates that best fit the job profiles. Starting this term, CDIP has hosted organizations such as UNHCR, DHL and Li & Fung, etc. Click on the links to learn more about the events.

    The CDIP team is buzzing with excitement at the beginning of this new chapter, with many other guest speakers and workshops lined up for the upcoming months, which includes representatives from Marriott International, the University of Sussex and LinkedIn visiting the campus soon!
    Employers interested to connect with CDIP can email at or visit our Facebook page at

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