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Description: SPIE is a non-profit international society for the exchange, collection and program in beta on the SPIE Digital Library containing selected articles. Powerful search and browse tools, New content added daily, Rapid publication, utilizing e-First, E-mail Alerts for the latest published articles ,Reference and forward linking via CrossRef ,Citation meta data available for easy download ,Article collections for group collaboration.

Subjects: Astronomy, Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging, Communications & Networking, Defense & Security ,Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing ,Illumination & Displays ,Industrial Sensing & Measurement ,Lasers & Sources ,Micro/Nano Lithography & Fabrication ,Nanotechnology ,Optical Design & Engineering ,Remote Sensing ,Solar & Alternative Energy.

Content: The SPIE (Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers) Digital Library is the most extensive resource available on optics and photonics, providing unprecedented access to more than 270,000 technical papers from SPIE Journals and Conference Proceedings from 1990 to the present. More than 17,000 new technical papers are added annually.

Springer Journals


Description: More than 1600 journals in the Springer enhanced package for developing nations are available here. AUW has full-text access to complete runs of journals with a solid green square by their titles, and partial runs of journals with semi-filled squares. Try your luck by searching "within all content". We may not have all the articles you retrieve, but chances are you'll find something useful. The database is particularly strong in the STM disciplines (science, technology, and math), but there are also entries in the humanities and social sciences.

Subjects: Science, technology, math, and, to a lesser extent, social sciences and humanities (particularly as they relate to STM).

Content: Full text - 1652 academic and professional journals.

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