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DVD Title Fire
Source Jason Homer
KeyWord Starring:Shabana Azmi, Nandita Das and Karishma Jhalani; Directed by: Deepa Mehta; Release Year: 1996; Run time: 108 minutes
Short Description Aged Biji is a widow, who is unable to walk, talk and look after herself, communicates with a bell, lives with two sons, Ashok and his barren wife, Radha, and Jatin, who is in love with a Chinese-Indian, Julie, and a male servant, Mundu. When Julie refuses to marry him as she dislikes joint family life, he is more or less brow-beaten to marry Sita so that she bear a male child to carry on the family name. Ashok has given up on marriage and is now leading a celibate life, has become a follower of a religious leader, Swamiji, and spends all his free time with him. Jatin has not given up on Julie and continues to meet her in his free time. Thus Radha and Sita are left alone most of the time. While Ashok, Radha and Sita run a take-out Punjabi food business, Jatin runs a video store where he rents out porno movies also on the sly. Mundu passes his free time watching some of these porno movies and masturbating, much to Biji's dislike. Then one day Radha surprises Mundu and tells Ashok to fire him. But Mundu knows Radhas secret - a secret that if revealed, will tear the lives of the entire family apart.

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