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DVD Title Hank William first nation
Source Georgia Guldon, Sara N. Amin & Christian Girard
KeyWord Starring: Gordon Tootoosis, Jimmy Herman, Stacy Da Silva Directed by : Aaron James Sorensen Released Year: 4 February 2005 Run Time: 92 minutes
Short Description An elderly Cree man decides that before he dies he must travel via Greyhound from his remote Indian Reservation in Northern Canada, into the southern United States to visit the grave of Hank Williams. Along the way he and his travelling companion, a 17 yr old nephew, are picked up as a regional human-interest story in the US press. News of their growing celebrity causes a stir back home among an eclectic cast of locals; including a chief running desperately for re-election, a young girl trying desperately to find a prom date, a teacher trying desperately to help, and a social worker trying desperately to get a transfer.

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