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DVD Title Prisoners
Source Georgia Guldon, Sara N. Amin &Christian Girard
KeyWord Starring: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis Directed by : Denis Villeneuve Released Year: 20 September 2013 Run Time: 153 minutes
Short Description When two girls go missing, the families call the police. The brother of one of the girls says that an RV was parked on the street. The police find the RV and the man inside is a mentally challenged man. The detective in charge questions him but says nothing. The father of one of the girls tells the detective to keep him locked up so they can work on him. But he says without more evidence they have to let him go. When the father learns of this he goes to confront the man and the man says something which makes the father think he knows something. So he grabs him and works on him to make him talk but he doesn't. The detective continues to try and find the girls.

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