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DVD Title Runway
Source Georgia Guldon, Sara N. Amin &Christian Girard
KeyWord Starring: Fazlul Haque, Rabeya Akter Moni, Ali Ahsan Directed by : Tareque Masud Released Year: 16 December 2010 Run Time: 90 minutes
Short Description The story of the film centers around the youth Ruhul, who lives with his family in a small hut next to the runway of the international airport. His mother Rahima struggles to support the family by selling milk from a cow bought with a micro credit loan. His sister Fatima works long hours in a garments factory. There's been no word from their father for over a month, since he left for a job in the Middle East. A Madras dropout, Ruhul spends his days wandering under the shadow of the planes, aimless and frustrated in his futile efforts to find work. One day at a cyber-cafe; he meets Arif, a computer savvy young man who exudes confidence and a sense of purpose. The world Arif introduces him to seems inspiring and new, but eventually Ruhuls life spirals into a nefarious netherworld of intolerance, violence and ultimately, death...Inspired by actual events, Runway is searing look at the contradictions and complexities of contemporary life.

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