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DVD Title Arisan! 2
Source Jana Fedtke
KeyWord Starring: Cut Mini Theo, Tora Sudiro, Surya Saputra ; Directed by: Nia Di Nata; Released Year: December 1, 2011; Run Time: 119 minutes
Short Description Eight years have passed since the first "Arisan!," much has changed in the lives of Sakti (Tora Sudiro), Meimei (Cut Mini), Andien (Aida Nurmala). Even Lita (Rachel Maryam), has decided to settle down in Jakarta. Nino (Surya Saputra) has agreed to Sakti's request to take a break on their relationship. Amidst the chaotic sequence of events in Jakarta, Meimei decides to pack her bags and head to Gili island, Lombok, to immerse herself in nature. Meimeis choice arouses the suspicion of her four friends, and after a while, Sakti, Nino, Lita, and Andien, are forced to face the reality that Meimei is not merely going on a prolonged retreat, but that she is in fact struggling with something much more serious.

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