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DVD Title MR Bean 1,2,3, The God must be crazy 1,2,3
Source Aqsa Kiran
KeyWord "Starring: Rowan Atkinson, Directed by: John Birkin, Paul Weiland Runtime: 375 minutes Release year: April 29, 2003 Starring:N!xau, Marius Weyers, Sandra Prinsloo, Louw Verwey, Michael Thys Directed by: Jamie Uys, Boet Troskie Runtime: 205 minutes Release year: February 3, 2004"
Short Description MR Bean: Starring the incomparable Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean, this DVD features 3 of the funniest and most inspired episodes. The God must be crazy : South African director Jamie Uys caught lightning in a bottle with The Gods Must Be Crazy--a Coke bottle, to be specific. This slaphappy collection of goofy pratfalls and culture-clash gags became an enormous international smash, and made a sort of star out of the Bushman selected to play the central role, the completely ingratiating N!Xau.The Gods Must Be Crazy II (1989) returns N!Xau to the bizarre world of the white man, this time in a slicker plot (and a with a bigger budget) that, perhaps predictably, yields fewer real belly laughs than the first time around.

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