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DVD Title Charlie Wilsons war, My best friends wedding, Runw
Source Professor Brenda
KeyWord "Charlie Wilsons war: Starring: Tom Hanks, Amy Adams Directed by: Mike Nichols Runtime: 1 hour 43 minutes Release year: 2007 My best friends wedding: Starring: Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Everett, Philip Bosco Directors: P.J. Hogan Release Year: 1997 Run Time: 105 minutes Runway bride: Starring: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Joan Cusack, Hector Elizondo, Rita Wilson Directors: Garry Marshall Release Date: January 25, 2000 Run Time: 116 minutes Stepmom: Starring: Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Ed Harris, Jena Malone, Liam Aiken Directors: Chris Columbus Mary Reilly: Starring: Julia Roberts, John Malkovich, George Cole, Michael Gambon, Kathy Staff Directors: Stephen Frears Release Year: 1996 Run Time: 108 minutes "
Short Description Charlie Wilsons war: Based on the outrageous true story, Charlie Wilsons War shows how one congressman who loved a good time, one Houston socialite who loved a good cause and one renegade CIA agent who loved a good fight conspired to bring about the largest covert operation in history. My best friends wedding: When a womans long-time friend says hes engaged, she realizes she loves him herself... and sets out to get him, with only days before the wedding. Runway bride: A reporter is assigned to write a story about a woman who has left a string of fiances at the altar. Stepmom: A terminally-ill mother has to settle on the new woman in her ex-husbands life, who will be their new stepmother. Mary Reilly: A housemaid falls in love with Dr. Jekyll and his darkly mysterious counterpart, Mr. Hyde.

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