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DVD Title The Stone Angel
Source Prof Brenda Kranz
KeyWord "Starring: Ellen Burstyn, Christine Horne and Ellen Page Director: Kari Skogland Release Date: October 21, 2008 Run Time: 115 minutes "
Short Description In Manitoba, Hagar Shipley is nearing 90. She has little, she tells us, but her memories. Over several weeks, during which she runs away from her son and daughter-in-law who want to place her in a nursing home, returning to the small town where she grew up and the now-derelict farmhouse where she was married and raised two sons, we follow Hagar in the present and in memories that trace her childhood, marriage in defiance of her father, and later losses. Shes fiercely even foolishly proud. Can she make peace with anyone she loves, or is she left to rage against the dying of the light?

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