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Book Title From Beirut to Jerusalem
Author Ang, Swee Chai;
Subject World history
Descriptors Arab--Israeli conflict--1973--1993; Arab--Israeli conflict--1993--; Middle East--Politics and government--1979--; Lebanon--History--Israeli intervention, 1982--1985; Israel--Politics and government--1967--1993;
Call No DS119.7.A53
Description This is the story of Dr Ang Swee Chai, a Malaysian-born orthopaedic surgeon, and her flight to war-torn Lebanon in 1982 to treat the wounded and dying. This new edition, twenty years after the Zionist terrorism in Sabra and Shatila which killed thousands of Palestinian civilians, is a tribute to the ongoing struggle against Zionist occupation in the Holy Lands. - Source: Powell's Books
Volume 0
Imprint Kuala Lumpur: Other Press, 2002
ISBN 983-9541-32-3
Edition 2nd ed.
Language English
Total Copies 1
Issued 0
Available 1

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