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Book Title Vajrayogin¯i: her visualizations, rituals & forms: a study of the cult of Vajrayogin¯i in India
Author English, Elizabeth;
Subject Buddhism
Descriptors Vajrayogin¯i (Buddhist deity); Tantric Buddhism -- Rituals;
Call No BQ4890.V344E65
Description This book delves into the origins of Vajrayogini, charting her evolution in India and examining her roots in the Cakrasamvara tantra and in the Indian tradition relating to Siva. The focus of this work is the Guhyasamayasadhanamala, a collection of forty-six sadhanas, or practice texts. Written on palm leaves in Sanskrit and preserved since the twelfth century, this diverse collection, composed by numerous authors, reveals a multitude of forms of the goddess, each of which is described and illustrated here. One of the texts, the Vajravarahi Sadhana by Umapatideva, depicts Vajrayogini at the center of a mandala of thirty-seven different goddesses, and is here presented in full translation alongside a Sanskrit edition. Sixteen pages of stunning color plates not only enhance the study but bring the goddess Vajrayogini to life. - Source: Google Books
Volume 0
Imprint Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2002
ISBN 9780861713295
Edition NONE
Language English
Total Copies 1
Issued 0
Available 1

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