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Book Title On rumors: how falsehoods spread, why we believe them, and what can be done: with a new afterword by the author
Author Sunstein, Cass R.;
Subject Social Sciences
Descriptors Rumor; Social psychology; Rumor; Social psychology; rygter; rygtedannelse; rygtespredning; falskhed; falske rygter; manipulation; sociale relationer; interaktion; sociale medier; internettet; socialpsykologi; sociologi; samfndsvidenskab;
Call No HM1241.S85
Description Many of us are being misled. Claiming to know dark secrets about public officials, hidden causes of the current economic situation, and nefarious plans and plots, those who spread rumors know precisely what they are doing. And in the era of social media and the Internet, they know a lot about how to manipulate the mechanics of false rumors—social cascades, group polarization, and biased assimilation. They also know that the presumed correctives—publishing balanced information, issuing corrections, and trusting the marketplace of ideas—do not always work. All of us are vulnerable. In On Rumors, Cass Sunstein uses examples from the real world and from behavioral studies to explain why certain rumors spread like wildfire, what their consequences are, and what we can do to avoid being misled. In a new afterword, he revisits his arguments in light of his time working in the Obama administration. - Source: Google Books
Volume 0
Imprint USA: Princeton University Press, 2014
ISBN 9780691162508
Edition 1st[ed.]
Language English
Total Copies 1
Issued 0
Available 1

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