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Book Title New Nepal : the fault lines.
Author Pandey, Nischal Nath;
Subject World history
Descriptors Nepal--Politics and government--1990--; Political culture--Nepal; Nepal--Social conditions; Social conflict--Nepal; Nepal--Economic conditions; Nepal--Foreign relations;
Call No DS495.6.P359
Description Nepal is going through the most tumultuous period in its history. The writing of the new Constitution will only be a small step towards producing a stable country. While there is no disagreement over the issue of state restructuring itself, challenging spin-offs stemming from a failure to address questions of identity, ethnicity, language, religion, region and culture are emerging as clear fault lines of New Nepal. This book reflects the nature of the enormous challenges before Nepal and the exceptionally important discussion on how to resolve these problems and move ahead. - Source: Powell's Books
Volume 0
Imprint Los Angeles: Sage publications, 2010
ISBN 978-81-321-0316-5.
Edition NONE
Language English
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