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Book Title Ma Li Qu Shang Hai = Mary in Shanghai (based on Blaine Ray's "Patricia va a California")
Author Yuhong, Tang; Yuehua, Zhang;
Subject Chinese language
Descriptors China--Languages;
Call No PL1001.M3
Description The book is for students in high schools, junior high and primary schools who have received about 100 hours of Chinese classes learning and hope to continue their studies. The reading material is translated or rewritten from Mr. Blaine Ray's stories in Spanish, and is supplementary material for the approach of ""behavior intelligence training pedagogy"" (TPRS) invented by Blaine Ray, which is used in a variety of foreign language teaching and learning. In addition, for the young learners who take Chinese as a foreign language, a variety of people of similar age but with different backgrounds in the adapted stories will arouse their deep interest. Questions in English followed with each chapter can be used to check the reader' comprehension or for teachers' test on students, which is designed to eliminate language barriers in reading problems so that readers can better answer questions to express their understanding about the story. - Source: Amazon
Volume 0
Imprint Beijing: Peking University Press
ISBN 978-7-301-08197-6
Edition NONE
Language Chinese & English
Total Copies 1
Issued 0
Available 1

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