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Book Title Ghosts of war in Vietnam
Author Kwon, Heonik;
Subject World history
Descriptors Vietnam War, 1961--1975; Collective memory; Ghosts;
Call No DS557.7.K96
Description This is a fascinating 2008 study of the Vietnamese experience and memory of the Vietnam War through the lens of popular imaginings about the wandering souls of the war dead. These ghosts of war play an important part in postwar Vietnamese historical narrative and imagination and Heonik Kwon explores the intimate ritual ties with these unsettled identities which still survive in Vietnam today as well as the actions of those who hope to liberate these hidden but vital historical presences from their uprooted social existence. Taking a unique approach to the cultural history of war, he introduces gripping stories about spirits claiming social justice and about his own efforts to wrestle with the physical and spiritual presence of ghosts. Although these actions are fantastical, this book shows how examining their stories can illuminate critical issues of war and collective memory in Vietnam and the modern world more generally. - Source: Powell's Books
Volume 0
Imprint Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008
ISBN 978-0-521-88061-9
Edition NONE
Language English
Total Copies 1
Issued 0
Available 1

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