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Book Title Bangladesh and Pakistan: flirting with failure in South Asia
Author Milam, William B.;
Subject World history
Descriptors Pakistan--Politics and government; Bangladesh--Politics and government; Islam and politics--Pakistan; Islam and politics--Bangladesh; Pakistan--Civilization Bangladesh--Civilization;
Call No DS384.M38
Description "Since 1971, Pakistan has evolved into a praetorian state plagued by army interventions and corrupt civilian governments. Nevertheless, the tunnel-vision of General Musharraf triggered a political implosion in 2007, and widespread dismay over the assassination of Benazir Bhutto has led Pakistanis to vote overwhelmingly for unfettered civilian rule and the diminishment of religious parties. In contrast, the Bangladesh Army seems intent on returning control to civilians, having remained averse to power for the past seventeen years. Furthermore, Bangladeshi society isn't nearly as Islamicized as Pakistan's, though jihadi groups stand ready to exploit the government's weaknesses.""Milam takes a hard look at the political and religious realities of both countries, especially the al-Qaeda-linked jihadi networks that threaten to permanently turn Pakistan into an ideological state. He also considers Islam's undeniable influence on the culture of both societies, and, in turn, the influence of these cultures on the tone and expression of Islam."--BOOK JACKET. - Source: Library Thing
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Volume 0
Imprint New York: Columbia University Press, 2009
ISBN 978-0-231-70066-5.
Edition NONE
Language English
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