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Book Title Of time and tide : a thai novel
Author Thammachoat, Atsiri; Barang, Marcel (Trans. & Ed.);
Subject Thai literature
Descriptors Thai fiction; Fiction; Thailand--Literatures;
Call No PL4209.A882T4
Description Sex, guilt and retribution. 
Apparently inspired by the goings-on at a neighbouring palace 
during the author's childhood, 
this 1965 novel is set in the expansive residence 
of a retired nobleman whose carnal excesses 
set the tone for the whole community. 
The story focuses on the sexual rivalry 
between His Lordship and his despised son, Jan Darra, 
who turns out not to be his son at all 
and who, in time, will reap revenge over his tormentor. 
Erotic pleasures described in hyperbolic, neoclassical fashion 
are merely a pretext to create in intricate detail 
a self-contained microcosm ruled by lust if not passion 
and by scheming self-interest.

With its skilful construction, psychological insights, 
lush prose and steamy yet inoffensive sex scenes, 
not to mention its overly Buddhist moral stance,
this is an exceptional novel with few equivalents in the world of literature.

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Volume 0
Imprint Bangkok: Thai Modern Classics, 1995
ISBN 974-89283-0-6
Edition 1st Thailand ed.
Language English
Total Copies 1
Issued 0
Available 1

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