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Book Title Nationalism and ethnicity in a Hindu kingdom : the politics of culture in contemporary Nepal
Author Gellner, David N. (Ed.); Pfaff-Czarnecka, Joanna (Ed.); Whelpton, John (Ed.);
Subject World history
Descriptors Ethnicity; Ethnology--Nepal; Religion and culture; Nepal--Politics and government--1990--;
Call No DS493.8.N37
Description With its systematic coverage of different groups, this book demonstrates how similar trends of ethnic formation are affecting all parts of Nepal. Yet, within the boundaries of a single culturally diverse state, very different forms of ethnicity have emerged.

This is a truly thematic collection with a well-defined focus on the important contemporary topics of ethnic identity and nationalism. The importance of the theme is self-evident in a world attempting to come to grips with such problems in virtually all modern states. Anyone with an interest in contemporary Nepal should study this volume.

Nepal is the only officially Hindu kingdom in the world and remains so in spite of a revolution, or people's movement, in 1990 which overthrew the partyless Panchayat regime and instituted a multiparty constitutional monarchy. Since November 1994, it has also had an elected Communist government, the first of its kind in South Asia.

This volume takes a long-term view of the various processes of ethnic and national development that have been displayed, both before and after 1990. It brings together twelve carefully chosen ethnographic and historical chapters covering all of the major ethnic groups and regions of Nepal. - Source: Powell's Books

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Imprint Abingdon: Routledge, 1997
ISBN 9-057-02089-0
Edition NONE
Language English
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