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Book Title The Complete Works of Atisa: the Lamp for the Path & Commentary, together with the newly translated twenty-five key texts
Author Sherburne, Richard [Trans.];
Subject Budddhism
Descriptors Buddhism -- Doctrines -- Early works to 1800;
Call No BQ4075.A79513
Description These translations of the 11th century Tibetan texts of Atisa open important charismatic documents for the general reader of Buddhism.Although these texts have been acknowledged for centuries as the source and inspiration of the Dge- lugs-pa and Bka?-gdams-pa monastic orders? in Tibet and Central Asia,the writings of Atisa have only recently found more interest among Western scholars. The Lamp for the Path and its Commentary were translated and published in 1983 by Richard Sherburne,and are included in this book,but newly added are his translations of the Twenty-five Key Texts authored by Atisa himself.The Key Texts are found in the Tibetan Tengyur in a collection called the The Hundred Root Texts (rtsa brgya )which were preserved by Atisa s followers as fundamental for a proper study of Buddhist theory and practice. - Source: Google Books
Volume 0
Imprint New Delhi: Aditya Prakashan, 2000.
ISBN 8177420224
Edition NONE
Language English
Total Copies 1
Issued 0
Available 1

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