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Book Title The Kalacakratantra: the chapter on the individual together with the vimalaprabha
Author Thurman, Robert A. F.[ed.]; Yarnall, Thomas F. [ed.];
Subject Buddhism
Descriptors Buddhist anthropology; Human body -- Religious aspects -- Buddhism; Tantric Buddhism -- Doctrines;
Call No BQ7699.K34K33
Description This is the first complete English translation of the second chapter of the esoteric Buddhist Kalacakratantra text, and its eleventh-century commentary, the Stainless Light (Vimalaprabha), often accorded pride of place as the first volume of the Tibetan Tanjur. This chapter elaborates the human "individual" in terms of the cosmic human who embodies the cosmos within, showing the homology of macrocosm and microcosm, the outer and inner aspects of the person. The translation is supplemented with copious references to Tibetan commentaries, and includes the first critical edition of the Mongolian version of the second chapter. - Source: Google Books
Volume 0
Imprint New York: American Institute of Buddhist Studies at Columbia University, 2004.
ISBN 0975373412
Edition NONE
Language English
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Available 1

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