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Book Title Julian the Apostate
Author Bowersock, G. W.;
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Subject World history
Descriptors Rome--History--Julian, 361--363; Emperors--Rome; Italy--History;
Call No DG317.B68
Description This portrayal of one of antiquity's most enigmatic figures offers a vivid and compact assessment of the Apostate's life and reign. Proceeding directly from an evaluation of the ancient sources--the testimony of friends and enemies of Julian as well as the writings of the emperor himself--the author traces Julian's youth, his years as the commander of the Roman forces in Gaul, and his emergence as sole ruler in the course of a dramatic march to Constantinople. In Bowersock's analysis of Julian's religious revolution, the emperor's ardent espousal of a lost cause is seen to have made intolerable demands upon pagans, Jews, and Christians alike. - Source: Amazon
Volume 0
Imprint Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1978
ISBN 0-674-48882-2
Edition NONE
Language English
Total Copies 1
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