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Book Title Alexander to Actium: the historical evolution of the Hellenistic age
Author Green, Peter;
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Subject World history
Descriptors Mediterranean Region--History--To 476; Greece--History--Macedonian Hegemony, 323--281 B.C.; Greece--History--281--146 B.C.; Hellenism;
Call No DE86.G738
Description A meticulous analysis of Hellenistic culture spanning three centuries, from the death of Alexander the Great in 325 B.C. Green surveys every significant aspect of Hellenistic cultural development in this colorful, complex period that will fascinate all readers. 217 illustrations, 30 maps.
- Source: Powell's Books
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Volume 0
Imprint Berkeley: University of California Press, 1990
ISBN 0-520-05611-6
Edition NONE
Language English
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