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Book Title The conquest of Assyria: excavations in an antique land, 1840-1860
Author Larsen, Mogens Trolle;
Subject World history
Descriptors Excavations (Archaeology); Assyriologists; Middle East--Antiquities;
Call No DS70.L35
Description The Conquest of Assyria tells what must surely be one of the most romantic tales of archaeological endeavour. The great cities and ancient palaces of Mesopotamia had lain buried for over two millenia, and were all but forgotten, half remembered in the Hebrew Bible and Classical texts. This volume records the dramatic finds, the decipherment of the cuneiform system of writing and the rediscovery of a lost civilisation. - Source: Powell's Books
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Volume 0
Imprint London: Routledge, 1996
ISBN 0-415-14356-X
Edition NONE
Language English
Total Copies 1
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