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Book Title Questions about God : today's philosophers ponder the Divine
Author Cahn Steven M. Editor; Shatz, David, Editor;
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Subject God
Descriptors God (Christianity); Theism; Philosophical theology; Philosophy, Modern--20th century;
Call No BT103.Q84
Description From young children, with their guileless, searching questions, to the recently bereaved, trying to make sense of tragic loss, humans wrestle with our relationship to God — and with God's essence, motivations, and power — throughout our lives: Why does God permit catastrophe and senseless tragedy, again and again? Is God's power limited in any way? Can He change the past? Does He know the future? Why does God require prayer? Why does He not provide stronger evidence of His presence? Whom does God consign to hell, and why? Does God change? Suffer? What can we make of the conflicting diversity within world religions, of the many gods of different religious traditions?

Such questions engage, confront, and perplex us on a daily basis. In this rich, concise volume, leading philosophers who have long pondered God's nature and ways take on these core problems and present their findings in a manner likely to engage believer and non-believer, general reader and specialist alike. - Source: Powell's Books

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Imprint Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002
ISBN 0-19-515038-4.
Edition NONE
Language English
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