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Book Title Quantitative reasoning and the environment : mathematical modeling in context
Author Langkamp Greg;
Subject Environmental sciences
Descriptors Environmental sciences--Mathematics; Textbooks; Science; Environmental sciences--Mathematics; Communication in the environmental sciences; Earth sciences; Ecology;
Call No GE45.M38L365

An introductory quantitative math book with an environmental theme.  The emphasis of this text is on analyzing real environmental information and problems, using mathematics accessible to students with an intermediate algebra background.  Students using this text will develop mathematical (and environmental) literacy as they model natural processes using algebraic, graphical and numerical methods, and analyze data quantitatively to assist in objective decision making.


The textbook is comprised of 4 principal sections: (1) basic numeracy; (2) function modeling; (3) difference equation modeling, and; (4) elementary statistics. Furthermore, this textbook combines both a reform and traditional approach.  Traditional in that each chapter presents introductory material, worked examples, multiple student problems, and solutions to odd exercises.  It is reform in that it investigates material through a synthesis of algebraic, graphical, numerical and verbal approaches. - Source: Powell's Books

Volume 0
Imprint Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall: Pearson, 2007
ISBN 0-13-148527-X.
Edition NONE
Language English
Total Copies 1
Issued 0
Available 1

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