Kazi Farzana Shoily

Kazi Farzana Shoili
Kazi Farzana Shoily, Junior Instructor, Access Academy (World Civ.)

M.A. in English Literature, BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
B.A. in English Literature, BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Program: Public Health Studies (PHST)
I’m currently teaching as a Junior Instructor in Access Academy. This is my first semester at AUW. I’ve been a lecturer, Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant at BRAC University in Dhaka previously. Also, I completed my Undergrad and Masters from BRAC University with a major in Literature from the Department of English and Humanities.


World Civilizations


Cultural Studies
Gender Studies



Journal Articles
The Place of Pierre Bourdieu Theories in (Popular) Cultural Studies
Author(s): Dr. Rifat Mahbub and Kazi Farzana Shoily
Journal: BRAC University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (BUJHSS)



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